Special gifts are for best friends. About the most beautiful man in the world and our some very defining questions: "What is art?" and: "When is someone an artist?". Decide for yourself, please.

Personal Comics as presents

Für Thommy zum Diplom

Für Thommy zum 40ten

CÄX-Man hält die Welt in Atem - for Matthias, working at a Keks-factory at that time

Big Alex - Die Hölle von Le Mans, 1

Big Alex - Die Hölle von Le Mans, 2

Indiana Gehnke 01

Indiana Gehnke 02

Indiana Gehnke 03

Indiana Gehnke 04

Kohl & Pinkel Orgie

Presents for The FRITZ

Fritz, Student

Fritz, Abenteurer

Fritz, der schönste Mann der Welt

Fritz, Künstler

Was ist Kunst? A present for my friend, the artist Jost Merscher

Dr. Jost and Mr. Merscher

A show about 1 important question

... ah, and a 2nd one.

Plus some other questions.

With lots of answers ...

... and a very critical audience.



Have fun to explore.