Life. Work. Mission.

Life. Work. Mission.

Drawing is like breathing for me. I live, love and work in pictures, stories and comics. We design and explore, search and find the new and awesome and what may become through the process of creation. 

  • Born in Hanover, right in the pulsating heart of Europe. Studies of Economics at the Leibniz University of Hanover with Marketing, Design, Macroeconomics and of Media and Communication Sciences at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. Learning of Fine Arts and Techniques from Heiner Gewecke, Nigel Packham, Helene Jahnke, Peter Redeker and Wolfgang Sauer
  • 80ties – 90ties: Atelier Corporation with Lippold, Sack and Schweikl. Various expositions with paintings, grahics, etchings, posters, cartoons, 1st grafitti action in Hanover (never revealed, but we still have proof). Media projects and events "match Du MATCH", "Literaturführer", Hanover Media Cup, students small revolts 87 and others. Voyaging in England, France, Algeria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, the Caribeans, Colombia and other countries, to visit and understand new countries and cultures. 
  • since 95: Work in digital communications, member of management board of eskatoo, one of Germanys first, finest and bravest multimedia agencies. 95: publish 1st german digital comic: „Die Terminatöse und das Happy Radio“ shown at the IFA ´95 in Berlin
  • since 02: DRIVE – Die Medienagentur – founder and managing director, together with my super strong and beautiful wife Monika Probst,
  • 07 – 16: various participations at the International Comic Seminar Erlangen - what a wonderful experience!
  • 08 – 10: member of the International Comic Brigade Dresden, with publications and expositions
  • 11 – 14: member of the artists collective Undergroundcomix, responsible for management, organisation, production, marketing, i.e. for starting up the journal project U-Comix
  • 07 – 16: publishing with DRIVE Comics: comic publications and the project U-Comix including finance and production, and other 
  • Activities and support for sports in Tennis, Soccer, Athletics, Sailing and others and for social organisations in Haiti, Russia, Hanover and elsewhere.

Expositions. Competitions.

Expositions. Competitions.
  • 2016, International Comic-Salon Erlangen: "Nibelungen 06 - RHEINGOLD",  International Comic Seminar
  • 2014, International Comic-Salon Erlangen: "Nibelungen 04 - Into the MONSTER", International Comic Seminar
  • 2012, Köln, Exposition "Du bist der Grund für ein Einkommen"
  • 2012, Hannover, Paulus-Gemeinde: "The PAULUS-Project", exposition about the Apostel Paulus, with Ernst-Georg Richter  
  • 2012, International Comic-Salon Erlangen: "ACHTUNG baby", International Comic Seminar
  • 2012: 1st place at myComics competition :"ACHTUNG baby“
  • 2012: 2nd place at myComics competition:"Zivis, FKK und Krankenschwestern"
  • 2011: 2nd place at myComics competition: "Helden, Weiber und Barbaren"
  • 2011: 3rd place at myComics competition: "Der kleine Comic-Killer und die Frauen"
  • 2010, Mailand: „Azzurri Art: la collezione d´arte ufficiale della nazionale di calcio italiano“
  • 2010, Mailand, "Alfa Romeo Art: The Official Alfa Romeo Art Edition"
  • 2010, Hannover: "Tusche, Tod und Teufel - Die Comic-Brigade auf dem Weg zur Weltherrschaft", Galerie Ludi Sereni, with the International Comic Brigade - David von Bassewitz, Ivo Kircheis, Gregor Körting, Marian Mamei, Andreas Wehrheim
  • 2009, Dresden: "International Comic-Brigade Dresden", at the Galerie Raskolnikow
  • 2008, International Comic-Salon Erlangen: "Der COMIC-Killer", Deutsch-Französisches Comic-Zeichner-Seminar,
  • 2007, Historisches Museum Hannover: "Wilhelm Buschs Enkel - Comics made in Hannover", with H.-R. Wäscher, Vladimir Magdic, Wehrheim, Pottzblitz u.a., > Rezension des Comicneurotikers, showing „Helden, Weiber und Barbaren“ 
  • 2000, Frankfurt: Löwenhof Annual Exposition, winner of the award „Frankfurter Silberner Hoflöwe“ showing „Helden, Weiber und Barbaren“
  • 1993, Galery & Bar Mezzo: Paintings
  • 1992, Galery Feiter: Graphics, etchings, paintings, drawings
  • 1988, Galery & Night Club Odeon: Paintings
  • 1988, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, with Lippold / Probst / Sack / Schweikl: Paintings
  • 1988, Rotkäppchen Pub with Lippold / Probst / Sack / Schweikl: Paintings
  • 1987, Galery Schloß Ricklingen: Etchings, drawings

Life Pictures: International Comics

Les Mousquetaires du Comic - one for all and all for nothing, with Mamei, Georg, Lukas, David and Nils

Comicseminar, with Georg von Westphalen, Uli Oesterle, Paul Derouet

International Comicseminar: with Johannes, Lisa and Georg


Comicseminar Erlangen, with all those wonderful people

Erlangen, about fantastic Mawil

International Comicsalon Erlangen, 2018, Exposition

International Comicsalon Erlangen, 2018, Expo


Undergroundcomix, Erlangen, 2012

U-Comix Relaunch 2013 with Tarek, Gerhard Seyfried, Steff and Michilinki in Munich

Relaunch of U-Comix with Michi, Steff, Tarek and Gilbert Shelton, in Munich

Picture taken by Katrin Felder: thank you!!

International Comic Brigade: Wehrheim, Mamei, Kruse, Probst, 2018

Publications. Books. Stories.

Publications. Books. Stories.

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