My Corona

My Corona

My and our diary of Corona times: This is how we as a family get through Corona times and what the plague makes of us.

05/12/20, Why the Mandalorian is the perfect hero for pandemic times

1. "DAS IST DER WEG!" - KLARE STRATEGIE, KONSEQUENTE UMSETZUNG: So ein Typ ist in Krisenzeiten unbezahlbar!

2. DISRUPTION ZWINGT ZU INNOVATION. Zeiten ändern sich - der Mandalorian stellt sich dem Wandel. In seinem Fall: Er muss sich um ein kleines grünes Balg kümmern, das alle niedlich und süüüüß finden. Nur ihn nervt´s.

3. BESTER MUNDSCHUTZ EVER. Vollflächig bleibt sein Gesicht verdeckt, ob drinnen oder draussen, da flutscht kein noch so kleines Aerosol durch

4. HOME OFFICE - ES RUMPELT, RUCKELT, WACKELT. Gibt es eine bessere bildliche Metapher für unsere digitale Infrastruktur als das rostige Raumschiff des Mandalorians?

5. HOME SCHOOLING - FLUCH UND SEGEN: Das kennen wir auch: Da sitzt das kleine Doofie vor uns und rafft so gar nix. Macht, was er will und hört nicht zu, wenn wir ihm was beibimsen wollen - ein scheinbar hoffnungsloser Fall. Tief in ihm verborgen soll große Weisheit schlummern - aber wie kommt man nur da dran?

6. DIE NERDS HABEN DIE MACHT, weil sie die einzigen sind, die verstehen, was hier überhaupt gerade abgeht.

20/11/21 - Feel so lonely

A lot of people are not well nowadays.

They sit alone at home and do: nothing.

Talking but not touching: it devastates your soul!

For artists this is the worst: not interacting with your public shatters the material basis of your existence!

When the world changes it´s not a good idea to stand still. Especially for an artist: do not do this!!

Instead: Move on! Find new formats, new challenges, new ways! Invent yourself anew!!

For a comic artist: find new topics! Why is what you do important? What can be relevant?

BECAUSE: Your public is not gone! They all are @home. And bored as you are!

20/11/10 2nd lockdown - our next step into wilderness and dilapidation

20/07/14 German Digitalization - Why does it not work? Ein kleiner Ausflug rein ins Land

1.) GERMAN GEMÜTLICHKEIT - it takes some time to get us moved.

2.) OLD INFRASTRUCTURE: a lot of things are old and rotten, we do need many upgrades.

3.) TOO MUCH ENTERTAINMENT TENDS TO MAKE US LAZY ... and does not inspire us to move.

4.) AFRAID OF THE NEW >>> no curiosity, no spirit to reach out prevent us to grow.

5.) SHEER STUPIDITY AND NOT ENOUGH TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE! >>> even by young people, also by teachers, by parents, by politicians and many more decision makers. "Technology" should be common knowledge.

WHAT CAN WE DO? >>> our task is to develop a positive vision of how the world shall be! Something beyond money!

20/06/12 Does Germany truly becomes digital?

This is the Goddess of New Digitalism.

She brings digital healing to the world.

And she´s gonna satisfy your every digital need.

She creates the digital heaven on earth.

So mankind lives happily, digitally fully entertained and therefore peacefully everafter.

And then the great donator comes to good old Germany ... can you imagine what she finds, feels and thinks?

20/06/01 Our Family Breakfast Table during Corona

Our Breakfast Table

Poor Super Mom

Sweat Pant Girl

Short Hair Cut Thor

Hulk wants Kakao

The Process of Scrambled Eggs

Wolverine Dad

20/05/19 The Goddess of Digital Transformation (2/2)

The Goddess of Digital Transformation brings happiness to the world and to all mankind. But there are still some who are not willing to become true believers. Though no one can buy anything from them in their stationery stores.

And when the Goddess finally comes to them ... she finds nothing but bones and stones in ruins.

TRAGEDY! So many dancing Google & Amazon managers. And so many dead businesses aside. It´s a question of to live and let die.

Who do you want to be? The times they are a-changing! Adapt and use chances, for the benefit of your customers, company, friends, family and yourself. CHECK! CHOOSE! & CHANGE!

20/05/17 The Goddess of Digital Transformation (1/2)

After so many months of Corona crisis local and world business lie down in dust and ashes, dirt and pieces.

Desperation and despair rule everywhere. But hope never dies when she arises: The Goddess of Digital, Social & Economic Transformation!

She opens new digital commerce channels, brings hopefully better ethics, transparency, trust, communication and self awareness.

And she shares her digital wisdom with everyone: small and big businessesm stores and companies. All managers, male, female and else, get enlighted. Will she save everyone? Will we ever know?

20/05/06 Home Office 03: On Research of the Lost-in-Home-Office-Colleagues

Almost 3 months in Home Office! We have to find our lost colleagues and bring them back to life & work.

Its desperate. no info of their whereabouts! We need a band of professional researchers ...

... and send them off to find some tracks! Will we ever find and restore our team?

And finally they succeed!!! The first members of the lost team are found!

Though its a pretty hard job to receive valid life signs.

We take whatever means possible to ensure that they are alive and well. But will they ever get back to a normal life again? Will we all?

20/04/25 Die Seuche

ALL DEAD, ALL DEAD. All the dreams we had.

And alone I'm spared. I wonder why I still live on.


YOU ARE LOST! BOW! Why? Am I? In time it comes to everyone! We will not be dead and gone!

20/04/25 Home Office 02: What it made of us - After and Before

After: Some of us develop artistic bravery

... and before

After: Some get into desperate situations

Some finally get free

Some find their inner peace

20/04/01 Home Office 01: Starting into it

Day 1: Euphoria! Good by, Office! Hello, Home!

Day 3: Party On - Video Conferencing. Oh, what a life!

Day 6: Lethargy - conflicts arise

Day 12 - Resignation

Day 24: Danger arises

Day 48: Let´s see who survived the experience



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