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DRIVE Digital Business Comics

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

How can small, midsized or big companies respond to the challenges of digitalization? Which are the main tasks and how can digitalizing processes bring real benefits to your company? The story tells of the ambitious young farmer Ragnar Notbroke and his joyous companions from The Fresh Young Vikings: farmhand Floki, watch dog Rollo, top milk cow Lagertha and the sheep Ubbe, Hvitserk, Ivar and Sigurd plus Björn Ironhorn, the strong he-goat:

Digital Transformation - Digital Business Comic

Young and ambituous entrepreneur Chief Ragnar, running a midsized farm business, the Fresh Young Vikings.

Digitalization of his business is not running smooth.

Some stranger is taking improper pics and publish them on inappropriate sites.

His sheep are distracted by playing mobile app games.

The cows can only watch free TV. Their milk is getting sour and quality decreases.

Innovative technologies are used by his staff for personal pleasure instead of the intended usage.

The whole value chain of his company is still completly analogue! And his employees request to be addressed in a much more modern way.

His inventive farmhand proves to him the lack of conncetivity his internal network offers.

Our young farmer decides to take action! Competent support is what he needs, now and in full extent!

Which instruments are available and the best to adress and gain new employees as a company? The world famous Dr. Doctari runs an animal clinic in the steppe where all the sick animals, big or small, get good medication. But as we all know: working in the medical sector is very hard but not glamourous. Doctari looses his staff. So he has to answer a question posed to all companies: Which are the best tools, instruments and media to communicate with potential new employees? The classic ones sure aren´t any longer. Here comes a range of ideas and proposals:

Employer Branding - Digital Business Comic

This goes for all kind of companies, be them small, midsized or big and internationally famous.

Some may think it´s important to get their job done and good. That is true. But: it´s not enough.

Every company can be the next. Are the employees content and happy? Are they willing and able to fulfill good work? In your company? These are questions every company and every staff manager has to ask.

Which are the best tools, instruments and media to communicate with potential new employees? The classic ones sure aren´t any longer.

It won´t help to throw the towel. Time to try something new.

How are others doing it? Some offer fun and entertainment besides work.

This may be fine in moderation. But it could have a significant adverse effect on your revenue.

How do you become popular for your employees? And hopefully stay to be?

As important as your companys mission may be - it´s important that your current and future employees are at least as convinced as you yourself.

Whenever you think you can't go on, from somewhere there comes a little light.

Professional aid should be appreciated. At DRIVE we have a set of instruments which have proven to be succesful.

It is always important to see the big picture: communication and the performance as a whole.

The identity of your company, the work environment, your education program and especially your communication - take everything into account.

Bring your image up to date. Sometimes it´s time for a rebrush to keep your identity fresh.

Same goes for the work environment. Yours should be veeery good, well equiped so your collegues may fulfill their tasks with joy and purpose.

HERE COME SOME FURTHER ADVICES Use the same media channels your target group uses. Simple, hun?

Distinguish. Be recognizable, even in the blink of an eye.

Communication is everything. Send positive messages and build up a positive dialogue.

What do your future employees desire the most: money, love, friendship, respect, perspective, fantastic tasks? Offer them these gratifications. You want to know some more? Call the D.R.I.V.E. EMPLOYER COMMUNICATION TASK FORCE

Internal Communication

Internal Communication

All companies, small or big, have this one important task in common. They all have to communicate internally with their employees. also introduces: The Famous Nerd Brothers & Sisters! Relax and enjoy :)

Internal Communication - Digital Business Comic

All companies have to communicate internally with their employees.

They have to tell their employees, what´s to do: where, when, with what and why. To plan, coordinate, control and share information, knowledge and documents and so many more.

Important tasks have to be solved anytime and anywhere in the company. Employees have to take jobs, work on problems, rise on challenges.

Especially when things get rough even the best can mess with each others business.

Even the best plans can fail: yours may be perfect - they still can fail in implementation.

Do you want to rely just on luck in such situations?

Better to work with a proven expert at your side.

And the expert should come with good company for your help.

How to work efficiently - concept, design and development for to deliver the best results.

Let the artists and experts do their jobs. And communicate with them constantly.

You want the solutions cope with the requirements: individually and customized. Out of the box standard solutions will not work. And "cheap" ist not the equivalent to "good".

Integration and Optimization: to improve what exists.

Good solutions will be accepted by your team. They experience them every day, gain more succes and have more fun altogether.

Employees develop and improve. Tools support and deliver intelligent results. To the point, agil and flexible adapted to current and changed situations, new requirements and high standards.

This is how a good intranet arises. Which promotes efficiency and effectivity. With much more fun in action.

So you´d like to have one for yourself, too? You are welcome:

How to Relaunch a Website

How to Relaunch a Website

How do you organize a relaunch of your website? Here comes a little introduction for you: how to do it smart, fast, and efficient. Have fun reading. 

Website Relaunch - Digital Business Comic

One evening all animals, small and big, meet for an assembly. They have an important matter to discuss. What is to do?

But how to proceed? They ask the Prince Charming. Probably he will know a good advice.

And the Prince has a good idea: start with a project plan! Ready, steady, go!

They check their internal structure. Is it sufficient for their big plans to conquer the world?

Maybe it´s not.

The animals invite some proven experts: the Elfs, the Dwarfs, the Giants and the Magicians. Plus some normal ones.

The Giants present a concept which is more rough, raw and hard.

The Elfs show something of extreme beauty. But very elaborate to maintain.

The Magicians tend to remain more vague and nebulous.

The object the Dwarfs present is by far the smallest. But veeeeery expensive.

The Normal Ones are just presenting a damn good website. How will the animals decide? With whom will they develop their new website? If you´re curious to find out, just contact us:



Have fun to explore.