Stephan Probst

Dessinateur. Explorateur. Entrepreneur.
Internet and Digital Media.


This site contains a thick description of my works and experiences as a dessinateur parallel to my life as an agency entrepreneur, life explorer and family adventurer. You are welcome to enter and enjoy.


Please find some illus for covers and books and favorite pages. Have fun and enjoy.

Unter Geiern

"Unter Geiern" is a play I once wrote for some friends. They were going to have a party which later turned out to be not so wild and free minded as expected. The play is a bit dirty but best you see for yourself.



About Me

About Me

Stephan Probst

‎Internet and Digital Media. Dessinateur. Explorateur. Entrepreneur.



1st Album

Some life stories: Racing at Brand Hatch, playing with the Beatles until I broke them up, inventing the Dadaism and some other arts and lots of other life stories. These comics were drawn as a present for my family. Hope you like them.


SWIFT ist der ultimative Superguy für desperate Zeiten. Auf der Suche nach Perspektiven und Positionen, entstanden in Fragmenten aus meiner Comic-Kiste. SWIFT rockt - viel Spaß mit ihm.


About a sick killing all comic artists. His aim: Erase comics permanently from our culture. How he became a cruel soul and character.

Helden, Weiber & Barbaren

The narration of Thidrek von Bern, the Gothic King ruling the rest of the roman empire from Verona. The story is based on the Thidrekssaga.

Yamina - Abenteuer Baby

The greatest adventure of all is receiving and raising kids. How we survive the experience.

Die Abenteuer des Captain Black Box

The hero of media communication. High-flying as a bird, strong as a bear, dump as a frog. A media satire.

Digital Business Comics

How can small, midsized or big companies respond to modern business challenges? Communicate business topics with digital comics: smart, fast, flexible, fun.



Have fun to explore.